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A Casino Novel by Mark Alan Stamatakis

The Casino Novel, by Mark Alan Stamatakis, a true crime novel based on actual events, is a fantastic read. A young lady named Jessica was murdered and her body has been discovered in a pond; her body had been cut up very badly and her climaxes were badly bruised they had to be broken.

Jessica, who had a boy at the time, claimed that somebody else had committed the crime. One of the police officers she had hired to explore the issue told Jessica she was very hasty. She went into the police station, spoke to a priest, and inquired if the detective had heard of Jessica. She asked her if she could go into the basement and reveal what she said was a murder scene. She thought it’d be a fantastic idea to show them pictures of these suspects she had in mind. It was also in that time that she met with the detective, Steve, who she’d gone to the police station to visit.

The Casino Novel, also called”The Cashing Out Murder,” is still a real crime book that takes a look into what actually goes on from the casinos. It covers a long record of fraud and money laundering in Las Vegas, such as everything from gaming to illegal drug activity. It also comes with a whole lot of politics in vegas too, that is something that you may not expect to see in a crime narrative. While there are a lot of other books about vegas, that one is definitely worth a look.

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