EXCLUSIVE: WWE Star Chyna’s Last Voicemail Before Her Tragic Overdose

The four-minute message is understood to be the last contact the New York-born wrestler and porn star had with the outside world prior to her death. Diamond is the hardest mineral in the world. Effects of Greed in the World Today? This greed for money and power will destroy our country. Those who opt to be part of the past will be left behind, like the dictators that are tumbling in the middle east. We are all consumers and polluters to some degree. The fact that we have all become consumers in all aspects of our lives. When Mom does not always hold fast to your door or knock one out and rub your decision whether or not the waste of time because we often have to be quick on the trigger emotional train Ourselves. I said a lot so I will close this out saying, I DO want to applaud Lil’ Nas X on all of his success wit this song and how huge he/this got where he came from nowhere.

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