How To Decide On A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

A) The car is repairable. If it’s in a tow-lot, plans should be set to get it out, as storage charges accrue quickly. Next, insurers should be notified of the location of the car, so an appraisal of damage can take place. If the insurers can be notified quickly, often they will move it out of the towing lot. In any event, discussion as to what’s going to happen one way or the other should be presented to you.

If you don’t take this kind of financial inventory before you file for divorce, your spouse might make it difficult for you to get that information. If he tries to play hide-the-ball, your divorce will likely be more time-consuming and more expensive.

While a $20,000 attorney’s fee seems high to many people, keep in mind that you only pay if you win, so there is less risk for you. And you can afford to hire an attorney – the best attorney out there – regardless of your financial situation.

How easy is it to reach your attorney? Will they return your phone call the same day, or next day? Will it take a week? Can you text them a question? Do they answer email? Your attorney for assault victim near me needs to be accessible. You have every right to question the attorney as to their level of accessibility. A business owner might be frustrated if they can only talk to a receptionist or a voice mailbox.

If you have a default judgment for fraud, most bankruptcy courts will require a motion for a new summary judgment to again decide the fraud, adding more expense for the creditor. So, you must prepare, plan, and pay to preserve your fraud judgment when your debtor files for bankruptcy.

More often than not, DUI cases end up in some sort of plea deal or diversion program. But some DUI cases go to trial. You want an attorney who is comfortable in the courtroom and dealing with the strangers who will be deciding your fate if you go to trial.

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