How to Mount a Dartboard Surround

The height of the dartboard at the center of the Bull, or Bullseye, should be 5 feet, 8 inches. The throwing distance is 8 feet, as measured along the floor, from the plane of the face of the dart board.

Maintaining the dartboard and darts will be a huge part of ensuring longevity for your dashboard. You don’t want to have to replace the board constantly. This means making sure the dart tips are in good shape, and dart board length you choose a dart board material that is self-healing, as opposed to something that may fall apart quickly. In addition, with many sisal dart boards, dartboard distance you can remove the number ring, which allows you to rotate the board. This prevents certain commonly hit areas from accumulating too much damage.

There are other dartboard variations like the Harrows Quadro 240 dartboard that incorporate a “quadruple” scoring area. Like the double or treble, the quadruple section is worth four times the number. There are also dartboards like the Wide Fives and Narrow Fives which are still in use today.

As dartboard rules regarding the appropriate height and distance mentioned above apply to a bristle steel tip dartboard as it’s generally the most common in all darts organizations including the American Darts Organization, the Britsh Darts Organization.

Ranging from a casual game for children to a sport with international competitions, darts requires little time to learn but a good deal of time to master. Among the skills needed for darts are concentration and an understanding of how projectiles move. The bottoms of wine barrels once served as dartboards in pubs, but official dartboards today must conform to precise specifications, such as those established by the World Darts Federation (WDF). All tournaments organized under the auspices of the WDF must conform to the specifications published in their playing and tournament rules.

The idea is to place a cover behind the dartboard to protect the wall. One of the basics to follow would be to put thick mana. This gives more stability to the surface of the dartboard. Everything must be in function of giving it good cushioning and support.

The throwing line can be defined as a line on the floor a dart board you must never cross, or at least while throwing darts. You can either simply draw a line on the floor, use a tape to mark it or digital dart boards place a raised bar made of wood. If you opt for darts distance from board the bar, you should know that it is known as the “oche” or “hockey” and that it should be around one inch high and two feet long (or height of dart board more).

Another thing that’s good about the dartboard mats is that they have the Oche (throwing line) marked. If you want to mark the Oche yourself, you will have to follow these guidelines:

After your dartboard has completely been setup, it is a good idea to measure the distance from the centre of the bull to the oche throwing line) to make 100% sure all measurements are correct. If this distance shows to be 9 Feet 6 Inches then you know your dartboard was setup correctly. The distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line can also be measured as 115.35 Inches, 2.93 meter or darts distance 293 centimetres.

What you can practice very well with an electronic board is your rhythm and throwing action. This is great for people new to darts or don’t have access to a bristle board. You can also practice the accuracy with the darts.

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