Mystery About The World’s Largest Shark, Megalodon

Mystery About The World’s Largest Shark, Megalodon – Sharks are known as the scariest creatures in the ocean. Some films such as Jaws also make this fish as the main character. The great white shark, however, looks nothing compared to the megalodon species. Here’s what you need to know about this giant shark.

Whales are generally considered to be the largest fish of all that live in the ocean. However, that thought was refuted by recent discoveries, which scientists confirmed. Published in Historical Biology, a study confirms that the now-extinct Otodus megalodon or big-tooth shark is the largest fish that has ever lived in the oceans in history.

This animal once reached a length of up to 15 meters, exceeding the current whale shark which is only seven meters. The study verified the length of the shark by using measurements taken from today’s lamniforms, to estimate the megalodon’s body length, by evaluating its teeth. Scientists believe these creatures consume about a tonne of food per day to sustain life, including whales and other large sea creatures such as sea lions.

Megalodon remains show that this sea creature could have grown to three times the size of a great white shark. The minimum size is about 40 feet and is believed to reach 59 feet at its largest form. The teeth alone are seven inches long. Today, the megalodon species has become extinct.

Facts About The World’s Largest Shark, Megalodon

However, some conspiracy theorists state, these predators still roam our oceans. Some sailors reported that they had seen these ancient creatures. One of them is the story of a fisherman in New South Wales in 1918. He said that his net had been eaten by a giant shark. Another report from 1933 insisted that a mysterious sea beast resembling a megalodon was spotted off the coast of France.

Even so, the majority of experts say that there is no evidence to suggest this giant predator still exists. The fact that the megalodon was the largest fish in the ocean might not come as much of a surprise, but scientists say that today’s species, such as sharks and whales, are only about half the size. This raises the question of how megalodon was able to jump such a significant size. According to experts, all current sharks exhibit a reproductive strategy known as ovoviviparity, in which multiple eggs hatch inside the shark’s body and grow inside its mother.

In August 2018, Warner Bros. officially released a fictional film entitled The Meg which was quite successful in bringing large audiences around the world. The film, starring Jason Stathan, tells the story of the discovery of prehistoric fish under the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the ocean as far as 11 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. The film visualizes the giant shark Megalodon [Carcharocles megalodon] nicknamed the Big Tooth, reappearing after it was believed to have gone extinct about 2.5 million years ago. In the film, it is stated that Megalodon, a whale-eating shark and other large sea creatures, reached a length of 25 meters.

Or the equivalent of two TransJakarta buses. The size of the giant shark or known as Megalodon (Mega-Shark) was finally revealed by researchers at the University of Bristol and Swansea University in England.
Citing Science Daily, the scientists revealed the length of Megalodon could be up to 16 meters.

“Megalodon was up to 16 meters long, had a round head 4.65 meters long, a dorsal fin about 1.62 meters and a tail about 3.85 meters,” said one of the researchers, Jack Cooper.

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