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As a small child in Mississippi, Henson spent a lot of time together with his maternal grandmother, who was an artist and helped to foster his inventive gifts. Many biographies cite his love of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen on the radio, the puppet present “Kukla, Fran and Ollie” and the work of puppeteer Bil Baird as inspirations for his later work. Nonetheless, Henson stated that as a child, he wasn’t all in favour of puppets and did not play with them [supply: Harris]. He additionally liked the zany humor of comedian Ernie Kovacs and the irreverent, satirical productions of musician Spike Jones. Henson basically cherished the medium of tv and begged until his dad and mom purchased one in 1950. He knew that he wished to be part of it.

BMW Art Cars
In 1975, BMW asked artist Alexander Calder to paint a BMW 3.Zero CSL that might race at Le Mans. It began a tradition that has produced 17 one-of-a-variety vehicles painted (or in one case enveloped) by famous artists. Andy Warhol covered an M1 with brilliant swaths of paint in 1979, whereas Robert Rauschenberg used black and white graphics on a 635C SI. The newest, by Robin Rhode, was a 2009 BMW Z4 convertible whose paint-coated tires spun-out across an enormous white canvas. The dynamic consequence was used in print and tv adverts for the automobile.

Use your lab setup as the stage to entertain your friends with a gruesome shadow play. Simply before present time, hold a white sheet between the stage and the viewers. You’ll be able to cling the sheet from the ceiling, or stretch a rope across the room and hold the sheet from it. Turn off all other lights in the room apart from a shiny lamp behind the stage.

Bone and Ivory
Many useful and decorative objects are product of bone, including sword and knife handles and miniature carvings. Like ivory, it’s an animal product and have to be treated with special care. Ivory, Encaustic Kunst- GrĂ¼ne Zellen-Tafel auf Leinwand an animal dentine, is used for ornamental objects and piano keys. Most “ivory” objects manufactured at the moment are artificial, as a result of most countries ban the importation of ivory to protect endangered elephants. To clean bone and real ivory: