The 5 Wonderful Tips For Doing Laundry!

If you are wondering how full you can fill the washing machine with laundry, how to avoid limescale deposits in the machine or when bacteria actually die, you will now get the most important answers.

Believe it or not, you can go wrong even when washing your clothes. Follow these five tips, they are also great for maintaining the washing machine. You are also doing good for the environment and saving money.

Washing clothes is a chore for most people.

Many are also unsure how to do their laundry properly. In the following we give tips that will make washing your laundry easier and save you time. With these five tips you can take care of your washing machine and your clothes will stay fresh for long!


In any case, pay attention to the care instructions in the item of laundry. Do not wash clothes any hotter than the label says – this could damage the fibers. Even the difference between 30 and 40 degrees can mean that one or the other sweater comes out of the washing machine after washing in children's format.

Also, always sort the clothes largely by color. Make sure to separate white clothes from black or colored clothes.


To protect the environment, you should load the washing machine as fully as possible.

But what does full mean? Full doesn't mean crowded. If there is too much laundry in the washing machine, that's for one good rinsing of clothes, no more space. The result can be detergent residue on the fabric that has not dissolved.


If you think you have to wash clothes at 90 degrees from time to time, then you are wrong.

60 degrees are completely sufficient to kill germs and bacteria and prevent a biofilm in the machine. Experts only recommend choosing the 90 degree program if you have flu or gastrointestinal viruses. You can clean towels optimally at 60 degrees. Use a heavy-duty laundry detergent in powder manufactured by leading or tab form that contains bleach, i.e.

no liquid detergent.


To maintain your washing machine and prevent scaled pipes, use anti-calc tabs or powders regularly. You can add it to every wash. Vinegar is also completely sufficient and even replaces fabric softener.

To do this, add about 20 milliliters of vinegar essence directly to the drum.


Do you prefer liquid detergent? Then it's worth rethinking. There are so many experts who advise washing powder to get clothes really clean when washing.

The cleaning effect of powder is more effective than that of liquid products. It would remove stains better. In addition, the use of detergents in solid form is more hygienic from a temperature of 40 degrees. In addition to heavy-duty detergents, you also need color and mild detergents for your laundry.

When doing laundry, always keep the following tip in mind regarding detergent dosage. Exaggerating doesn't help, on the contrary: Bacteria are happy about chemical residues that could not be completely washed out of the machine or clothing. So be sure to note the dosage recommendations on the packaging.

So, these are the 5 incredible tips that can make your laundry task more easy and convenient and can help you maintain the shine and brightness of your clothes. If you're not sure which detergent powder to use for washing your precious clothes, go for the one which has a good name and reputation in terms of .

As this state has so many detergent manufacturers, it won't be a daunting task for you to find out the best one.

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