The existence of UFOs

In all the talk about UFOs (surprisingly limited as it is, considering that speculating on UFOs is way more interesting than obsessing over a stuck ship) perhaps the one query most often asked, by each the media and the causal observer, is: do you imagine aliens exist? The weird thing about asking that question is we know the reply already: (nearly) unequivocally yes, aliens exist. Almost everybody, even smart, reasonable, science-minded folks, believes that someplace in this overwhelmingly big universe intelligent life has evolved. Probably many instances, in fact.

The existence of aliens was just about clinched with all of the research showing the existence of exoplanets — that is, planets in other solar systems. Within the last couple of decades we came upon there’s heaps and plenty of exoplanets. Now we know pretty much each sun has planets, and which means probably lots of stars have habitable planets (if not most), and which means intelligent life probably had many possibilities to evolve — so it virtually actually did. This is all stuck into numbers form in the Drake equation, which must be the most boring severe thing ever published about aliens. You may read more about it elsewhere. However basically relaxation assured that with the discovery of all these exoplanets, science folks are actually pretty positive it’s very likely that aliens exist. Somewhere.

The problem is that when people ask “do aliens exist?” they aren’t really asking whether aliens exist somewhere, they want to know if aliens exists right here on Earth. Like, today. Or at the least recently. And the answer to that query, by science-minded people, is: probably not, no. The reason is because space is really, really big. So big that traveling between even close stars would take generations (of human lifetimes, anyway). So aliens exist somewhere, however it would probably take them hundreds of years, if not hundreds to get to Earth, in the event that they wished to. And why the hell would they wish to? And in the event that they did need to, why would they abruptly arrive proper now, instead of 10,000 years earlier than or after this moment? The reply to that’s they just wouldn’t. Just like we wouldn’t ship a ship full of individuals to some random star, even if we may afford to do it.

But, and this is a big however, that assumes faster-than-light (FTL) journey isn’t possible. This is a reasonable assumption, because even our scientists who currently work on our most science-fictiony stuff think that it’s fairly unlikely that FTL is something that can be accomplished, even in our most sciency-fictiony future. And if it is, it can be really really hard to do. Critical scientists basically imagine it’s about as easy as time journey — which is unattainable and will forever remain so. One good piece of proof that FTL journey is impossible is that if it was potential, the aliens would probably already be here. Which they’re not.

Except: for that thing in regards to the present acknowledgment of the existence of UFOs. Sure, it’s unlikely, but for just a second let’s put likelihood aside, and let’s fake that these UFOs that do exist are pushed by some extraterrestrials. If that turned out to be true, the real shocker will not be the confirmation of the existence of aliens—we already knew they existed, keep in mind? Cool to have that confirmed positive, but the real blast-your-mind-out-the-back-of-your-skull phenomenon is that they probably are here, now because they do have FTL capability. It’s doable that the insane maneuvers the UFOs have demonstrated are just the low-gear cruise mode of an FTL system.

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