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Boy, oh boy! National Zoo determines sex of cubs - The cloud… - Flickr Those of us who have been supporting Leonard’s freedom for a number of years are disappointed but resolute to continue pushing for his freedom and until that day, to continue to push for his transfer to be closer to his relatives and the Indigenous Nations who support him. Keith “Malik” Washington is an incarcerated activist who has spoken out on conditions of confinement in Texas prison and beyond: from issues of toxic water and extreme heat, to physical and husband and wife sex sexual abuse of imprisoned people, to religious discrimination and more. Malik has experienced intense, targeted harassment ever since he dared to start speaking against brutal conditions faced by incarcerated people in Texas and nationwide–but over the past few months, prison officials have stepped up their retaliation even more. Friends, it’s time to get Malik out of solitary confinement. However, under pressure by the USA, the new government has made it clear that they want to drive Assange out of the embassy and into the arms of the waiting police as soon as possible. It could not be more clear that they are trying to make an example of him because he is a committed freedom fighter.

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The time is now for all of us to dig deep and do what we can and what we must to secure freedom for Leonard Peltier before it’s too late. And as you are the quiet type (ummm) you really must meld right into the crowd when you go to the souks. USA is asserting a right to arrest and try a non-American who neither is nor was then on American soil. The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee appreciates and thanks the large number of his supporters who took the time to write, call, email, or fax the BOP in support of Leonard’s request for a transfer. On Monday March 4th, 2019 Leonard Peltier was advised that his request for a transfer had been unceremoniously denied by the United States Bureau of Prisons. The very extradition of Julian Assange to the United States would at the same time mean the final death of freedom of the press in the West. The sentence is already clear: if not the death penalty then life in a supermax prison and ill treatment like Chelsea Manning. For thirty-five years Major Tillery has fought against his 1983 arrest, then conviction and sentence of life imprisonment without parole for an unsolved 1976 pool hall murder and assault.

April 25, 2018– The arrest of two young men in Starbucks for the crime of “sitting while black,” and the four years prison sentence to rapper Meek Mill for a minor parole violation are racist outrages in Philadelphia, PA that made national news in the past weeks. Guarantee his human rights, make his stay at the embassy as bearable as possible and enable him to leave the embassy towards a secure country as soon as there are guarantees not to arrest and extradite him. Want to make some improvements to your penis size? Five queer experts in various aesthetic practices conspire to make over some helpless individual. Because “Queer Eye” is not just a makeover. I spent mine in a dissociative fugue of materialist excess, lying prone cumming on tits my couch and watching all four seasons of “Queer Eye,” the Netflix makeover show reboot. The show is a triumph of consumer spectacle, and now it has consumed me, too. He is innocent. The only evidence at trial was from lying jail house informants who now admit it was false.

The courageous nation of Ecuador has offered Assange political asylum within its London embassy for several years until now. Therefore, our demand both to the government of Ecuador and the government of the UK is: don’t extradite Assange to the US! Both Obama, Clinton and Trump have declared that arresting Julian Assange should be a priority. We need your help to ask President Trump for Leonard’s freedom. He badly needs funds to fight for videos porno free anal his freedom. Pennsylvania “lifer” Major Tillery’s fight for freedom puts a spotlight on the conviction of innocent men with no evidence except the lying testimony of jailhouse snitches who have been coerced and given favors by cops and prosecutors. In May and June 2016, Emanuel Claitt gave sworn statements that his testimony was a total lie, and that the homicide cops and the prosecutors told him what to say and coached him before trial. But if you’re looking to spend the least bucks, say hello to your new streaming service. All sort of girls come to our adult webcam site looking for a good time. Don’t forget to come back for more!

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